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Customized Medical Education Consultation

Our Philosophy

MedEd Associates, Inc. is a Graduate Medical Education consultation firm dedicated to assisting teaching hospitals and academic centers in surpassing accreditation requirements, maximizing their financial potential, and developing their institutions to train and retain the best residents. We are different from other consultants in that we bring an understanding of the daily operations of program and institutional administration, experience in strategic planning, database management, and have an extensive administrative accounting background. Our philosophy is to not just give you a report and walk away, but to provide you with implementation services that will further the success of your initiative.

Our secondary mission is to help our medical students and residents in successfully navigating the physician career pathway.  For this purpose, we have worked with other experts to develop the book series and supplemental YouTube video series.
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Physician Career Guidebooks for USA
 and International Medical Graduates

These two book series will help you navigate your way to being a licensed and board-certified physician in the USA.  Don't make the same mistakes others have made, use these tips and tricks to secure a successful medical career. For more information on these books, click on the Publications tab above or click on the Amazon link above.

“This book series is a must read for all medical students, residents, and fellows.  It provides real time guidance throughout the medical education process and into the physician's career."

Sheri L. Clarke, PhD